Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dream Weavers

It's almost Christmas, happy holidays! Since I am finally done shopping for friends and family, I have let my thoughts wander about what is on my fashion radar for spring. I have to find a way to own at least one of the pieces below, it's seriously mandatory...

I have always loved Valentino, particularly the couture. Since new designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli have been at the helm of the label...I admit I haven't paid as much attention. That all changed upon viewing Spring 2010 RTW. The designers decided to take a more personal approach to the line, letting their own vision really shine through and it works beautifully. I love the soft romantic looks textured with touches of drama and the soft tones of color are so dreamy. With such an extensive storied history behind a label, striking a balance between past and present is difficult, but it looks like Valentino is designing a fabulous future!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Take a Walk on the WYLDE Side...

My friends and I have spent some serious quality time at Sephora scent shopping. But I had never found that perfect scent, exactly what I was looking for and I have definitely settled many times along the way.

On fabulous Etsy, where else, I FINALLY located the most delicious perfumes ever!!! Wylde Ivy is nothing short of amazing. I love coconut and I'm always looking for a true coconut, suntan lotion scented perfume. I always end up with some tropical mash of scents overpowered by mango. So I searched Etsy for coconut perfume, found Wylde Ivy's "Coconut Island Castaway" which is described as "A scent that blends real coconuts with beachy, suntan lotion type coconut scent for the perfect Coconut!" I ordered a sampling of 5 mini mister perfumes including Coconut Island Castaway and was blown away. They are true scents; the descriptions they provide are EXACTLY what they smell like. Not over laden with chemicals, the true notes shine through and smell so pure and delicious.

The vast array of perfumes at Wylde Ivy offer a scent for any preference from musky and dark, to sweet and light. I love sweet scents and 15 mini misters and various samples later (I like to evaluate my options ;)) I am finally ready to order some full bottles. Some of my other faves so far...

Check out Wylde Ivy perfumes at: http://www.wyldeivy.etsy.com/

And soaps etc. at: http://www.wyldeivy.com/

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sparkle and Shine- New LB items!

I just listed some new items on my web site and etsy...Bejeweled and Royale headbands, as well as a new Misfit clutch color-black lace. All 3 newbies are really luxe in colors and fabrication...delicious for the season.

Misfit is made with lace overlay leather and is so plush it almost looks like velvet. An eclectic grouping of removable chains toughens up the look just a touch.

Bejeweled tie on headband has rhinestones on a black background contrasting with the rich plum satin ribbon I found. It can go bohemian worn halo style or completely sophisticated with hair up...

Royale I am love with! I just wore this piece to work, it’s dramatic but still so elegant. I wore it with a black top and simple skirt and it took the outfit to another level...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Art of Seduction

I love paintings, art amazes me. Starting out with a blank canvas and turning it into something alive. When I was a little one and home from school for whatever reason, I would watch artist Bob Ross with his fab hair and crazy skills paint "a happy little tree" and turn a white page into layers of nature. My Dad is also a beautiful painter, a talent that runs in his family. It bypassed me, but I can create a mean handbag sketch!

I am drawn to the aspect of how personal art is, personal to the artist creating it of course, but personal in how it speaks to the viewer, how we see it. And I think a strong reaction in any direction to a piece is what seduces you, pulls you in, and makes it so interesting. Some of my favorite artists and/or works...

Sylvia Ji

Lynden St. Victor

Jonathan Weiner

Nate Frizzell

Friday, October 23, 2009

In the Loop

Who doesn't love to find those ridiculous deals on fashion? So here you go! I picked up this textured loop necklace yesterday from Forever 21 for $3.80. It makes a nice layering piece. And yes sometimes 3.80 looks like 3.80 but not this time. The rings on the necklace have a hammered effect making them look more expensive. Here it is sitting perfectly with my "J" La Vie Parisienne necklace that I believe was around $50. A lovely mix and match situation...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Crystal Queen & Halloween

I recently added a new item to the Etsy store called Rock Candy and it is a sparkling mix of clear crystals and silver embroidery. It would of course make an stunning bridal piece, but it's so wearable for everyday. I have worn it while working a few times with jeans and boots or a cute dress. It adds just the right amount of glam for daytime and when wearing at night, it can be dressed up to no end. I like that it gives the look of a substantial headpiece, even tiara inspired but being on a headband makes it not over the top for daily wear.

Speaking of over the top, I made a one of a kind feather headpiece for myself as I was planning to be a flapper for a Halloween Ball I am going to. But the only thing I liked about the idea was the headpiece! I couldn't find a costume I really wanted to wear. If only I could make my own outfit...sewing clothes is just something I can't master. So I am going to be a vampire with this great mini top hat with veil wearing another style costume that I am going to re work (light alterations I can handle). I am sure its going to be a popular hat since it seems to be available everywhere, but I am going to wear it anyway- might add a few extra touches to it though...make it custom ;)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Romantic Armour

I love love love the designs by Armour Sans Anguish! One of a kind romantic dresses and tops that are truly couture. Dreamy and so feminine, yet the mix of fabrics provides a rich depth to the looks. In addition to designer Tawny Holt's beautiful styling, she uses recycled and salvaged materials to create her clothes breathing new life into the fabrics. Here is my current favorite item from her shop...

The Anais and June Dress

For a gallery of her past styles, check out www.armoursansanguish.com

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sumptuous Spring

Spring RTW 2010 is showcasing some incredibly luxurious looks. Detailed fabrics, rich colors, sequin accents, here are some of my favorite outfits that I would wear right now...

Constantly amazing with immense details and the darker edge.

The richness of the colors is gorgeous, and the styling is dramatic yet wearable.
I love that the floral print doesn't look saccharine sweet, the pop of black is a nice contrast...

The dress reminds a bit of Herve Leger, but more structured and I adore the little jacket, it's a unique shape and adds depth.

This is a delicious confection of beauty. Shoulders and layering in front are gorgeous, again loving the black contrast.

So beautiful, the skirt part of the dress, the style of the top, the belt, the shoes...perfection.

So ethereal, she looks like a heavenly ballerina. This dress is elegant, yet still looks fresh.

I love this one, it has a bohemian feel to me, with the neckline giving it a heavy dose of luxe.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Chain Reaction

I found 2 great necklaces in very different places this past weekend. This stunning mix of beads, rhinestones, and silver chains is my new favorite necklace. I have been looking for a mixed necklace that I really loved and this is the one. I was shopping at a Free People store and picked this up not even knowing it was on sale. With that added bonus, it was marked as $70 but I picked it up for $20!

I was browsing in a local secondhand store and came across this black and antique brass belt. It was way too big for me, but I bought it anyway and tied a lot of knots in the ribbon part of the belt. It does make a cute belt- still a little big, so I slipped it on as a necklace and I love it!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Brace Yourself

A friend of mine was cleaning out her jewelry case and gave this pretty dynamic piece to me. It is a bracelet by Biche de Bere that is very substantial which I like. At first glance it was definitely not a bracelet I would normally purchase for myself. But it is so textured and beautifully crafted that I decided to give it a shot. So I put it into the mix of what I already own and I have to say I like how she looks with her new friends! The mix includes from left to right: Silver bangle from Nordstrom, green and gold thread bracelet from Forever 21, the BdB, sand/silver bracelet from Forever 21, gold bracelet from a thrift shop, and 3 metal bangles from a set that I have had since I was seriously 13 and have no idea where they came from. Somehow they have always made the move with me from jewelry box to jewelry box!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sharp Edge

I love a hint of bad girl style in my outfits, a little rock and roll edge... here are some of my newest finds. Some to lust for and some to rush for...so inexpensive it's a right now buy possibility!





Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fabulously Free

There is no end in sight for my shoe addiction, and I like it! I just ordered these cut out wedges from Free People. I love ankle booties and these cute wedges have a similar vibe. Can't wait to get them!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet Sorbet

Check out singer/actress Brittney Lia Roman wearing the Lucia Bella 'Sorbet' flower headband for one of her photo shoots! The colors of the flowers are so vivid, they pop any outfit. It gave my LBD some punch when I wore mine to a bday party this weekend...received so many compliments :)

Gorgeous photo by... Sites Photography

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Send Off

These bags were just finished and ready for a final lookover before I send them out. I love it when they get a new home ;) It can get kind of crazy in my work room, so now I hang them on the "shipping wall".

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh Donna…and Marie!

I came across a pic of the Donna Karen New York bootie and oh my god –fell in love. I have been fiending for a purple ankle boot and this has upped my craving…

And speaking of cravings…my customer Marie is one of my favorite people to work with. She loves fashion and has an edgy avant garde touch to her style. She walked in today with a plate of her homemade Lemon cupcakes. They are SINFUL. It is seriously the best cupcake I ever tasted. She half tempted me by describing her Grand Mariner and Chocolate ones as well, but I was in a lemon haze.

My sweet tooth is satisfied: now I just need some shoe candy…

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fashion Thief

Ok so I practically stole these wedges- that is how great a deal I got on these. I went to Famous Footwear looking for workout shoes (hate spending $$ on non fashion shoes). But it needed to be done. So I went to famous footwear for some sneaks and they were having buy 1 get 1 pair half off including sale (love). They had my size on sale thus enabling me to get this exotic Mia ‘Suri’ wedge regularly $89, marked down to $30 and ½ off for $15!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Photo Op

I spent the weekend finishing all of the new Lucia Bella hair accessories including some adorable bridal pieces. They are photographed and ready to go on the LB website but my computer where I store all of my product and personal photos decided to crash last night :(
So while the techs try to make it work, get inspired by these talented photographers…

Photo: ©jacqleen bleu

Photo: ©jkl design Leigh 2009

Photo: ©Violet Bella

Photo: ©Star Foreman

Photo: ©Capree