Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sparkle and Shine- New LB items!

I just listed some new items on my web site and etsy...Bejeweled and Royale headbands, as well as a new Misfit clutch color-black lace. All 3 newbies are really luxe in colors and fabrication...delicious for the season.

Misfit is made with lace overlay leather and is so plush it almost looks like velvet. An eclectic grouping of removable chains toughens up the look just a touch.

Bejeweled tie on headband has rhinestones on a black background contrasting with the rich plum satin ribbon I found. It can go bohemian worn halo style or completely sophisticated with hair up...

Royale I am love with! I just wore this piece to work, it’s dramatic but still so elegant. I wore it with a black top and simple skirt and it took the outfit to another level...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Art of Seduction

I love paintings, art amazes me. Starting out with a blank canvas and turning it into something alive. When I was a little one and home from school for whatever reason, I would watch artist Bob Ross with his fab hair and crazy skills paint "a happy little tree" and turn a white page into layers of nature. My Dad is also a beautiful painter, a talent that runs in his family. It bypassed me, but I can create a mean handbag sketch!

I am drawn to the aspect of how personal art is, personal to the artist creating it of course, but personal in how it speaks to the viewer, how we see it. And I think a strong reaction in any direction to a piece is what seduces you, pulls you in, and makes it so interesting. Some of my favorite artists and/or works...

Sylvia Ji

Lynden St. Victor

Jonathan Weiner

Nate Frizzell