Friday, March 26, 2010

The Art of Balance

I am going to NY next month to visit some friends who informed me we will be walking "more than you have ever walked in your life." Umm, as a fashion and shoe lover, the word "flats" hasn't really been in my vocabulary. To which they followed up with "wear tennis shoes." As I glanced disdanfully at my workout shoes, and then looked at my "hemmed for my high shoes jeans", I knew I had a problem. So has ignited my search for a comfortable boot. I went zappos crazy and have 3 on order, just to compare. I never really explored the "comfort shoe". Turns out some brands mesh function and fashion quite well. Here is an Ecco pair I have on order...

But before I knew I needed to buy walking shoes, definitely not thinking of comfort ;), I pre-ordered some Jeffrey Campbell nude wedges- gorgeous!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Garden Party

My Dad is an amazing gardener, he has always cultivated a beautiful array of flowers in his yard. As a painter as well, much of his art features landscape and blooms. Growing up with all of that around made me adore flowers. A special favorite of mine is the sunflower, which my Dad has of course grown over the years, and also made up the first bouquet I ever received from a guy ;) I just added "Sunny" headband to the Etsy shop, making me think of spring and summer and finding some other items that bring on the beauty and sunshine!

Top to bottom: PomLove Polka Dot Poms, Lucia Bella Sunny Headband/Crown, Sugar Robot Edible Butterflies, JL Designs Floral Styling (Photo: Hazelnut Photography), Crankbunny Blooming Pop Up Card, Noaki Jewelry Heirloom Jewel Bouquet,